Private Capital Core Fund “PCC”

A long-duration industrial income fund that aims to deliver:

Stable Cash Flow

Capital Appreciation

Minimized Risk


Rectangle’s Private Capital Core Fund is a long-duration industrial income fund focused on acquiring light last mile assets in high growth markets’ most densely populated areas.

With unprecedented interest rate increases, broader market uncertainty, equity withdrawals, and asset reallocation requirements, we believe today’s market presents an uncommon and compelling opportunity to acquire high quality industrial assets at attractive prices.

PCC will focus on acquiring institutional-quality last mile industrial assets that have embedded value at acquisition, have a clear path to long-term value, and are below the institutions and value-add investor radar.


Keys to Strategy

Value at Acquisition 

As the old adage goes, good investments make their money “on the buy.” To do just that, we target assets priced below replacement cost that are fully stabilized.


Clear Path to Growth 

To offer more than just stable cash flow, we want to build a portfolio with believable and achievable long-term growth:

  • Target small-and-shallow bay assets, which have the highest tenant demand and cannot be reproduced in today’s market

  • Only acquire assets in the (sub) markets best primsed for growth as vetted through our in-house Market Tracker Platform

  • Buy buildings with in-place rents that are well below current market rates, paving the way to rent growth at lease expiring


Limit Competitive Pool

Actively limit acquisition competition by targeting smaller assets to avoid institutions with longer in place leases to avoid short-term focused value add buyers

Keys to Strategy 2


In-Place Cash Flow


Stabilized Assets


Discounted Pricing


Buy Below Replacement Cost


Highest Demand, Highest Barrier Asset


Small-and Shallow Bay Buildings


Structure and Target Returns

Holding Period
Target Size
Prefered Return
Gross IRR
Gross Cash Multiple

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