Market Tracker


In-House Data Platform Drives Market Selection


Market Tracker is an in-house, real-time market evaluation tool we developed to help us shape our target markets and investment strategy.

After analyzing 25 years of demographics, employment, and real estate data for each of the top 75 metro areas, we developed Market Tracker’s methodology for translating this historical data into future industrial market strength.

Beyond market-level information, our tool also offers key insights into which submarkets we want to target. Market Tracker overlays submarket-level population density, existing industrial footprint, and under construction industrial footprint to help us focus on areas closest to major population hubs, near transportation nodes, and with the least amount of competitive new supply under construction.

Experience has shown us real estate markets evolve constantly, and Market Tracker allows us to evaluate the markets and submarkets on an ongoing basis, helping us act when the time is right.


Repeatable Asset Selection Process Informed by Data

  • Gather quarterly demographic real estate market data
  • Identify top markets by growth potential
  • Evaluate top markets’ industrial fundamentals, economic & demographic drivers
  • Evaluate for industrial viability, proximity to population density, high barriers to entry, access to transportation
  • Evaluate for prime access & visibility, building functionality, capital needs, tenant desirability

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