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How is Rectangle Different?

We are committed to building a strong risk-adjusted investment strategy through these cornerstones:

Through our in-house, real-time “Market Tracker” tool, we’re able to translate historical market-level data into potential absorption, rent growth and industrial growth, giving us actionable insights into which (sub)markets offer the strongest long-term value based on the best opportunities for economic growth and compelling supply/demand real estate fundaments.

We exclusively aggregate light last mile industrial assets. These properties are located in the most densely populated submarkets, are limited in supply, have high barriers to entry, are extremely difficult to build, and are the bulk of the leasing demand.

As investors and operators, we can add value from acquisition through sale as our in-house resources and expertise allows us to address needs and create value in ways our competitors can’t.

While we know the assets we like, we constantly evaluate and re-evaluate how we can acquire these assets – whether it be through development or acquisition of value-add or core plus properties – while delivering the best risk-adjusted returns. We believe if the market fundamentally changes, so should our strategy.

We aim to provide institutional quality investments with the transparency, humility and relationship service of a small firm. Our team is directly invested in Rectangle’s continued success.

Data Driven Investment Manager

We focus on markets primed for future growth

Rectangle’s data-driven approach is dedicated to investing in high growth markets most likely to continue outpacing other top-75 industrial metro areas – taking into account economic, demographic, and real estate-specific data points from more than 30 sources.

Rectangle developed an in-house, real-time market evaluation tool (Market Tracker) used to identify and target markets best poised for industrial growth balanced with fundamentals.


Our Target Markets Greatly Outpace the US

10 Yr Population Growth vs US Avg
10 Yr Job Growth vs US Avg
10 Yr GDP Growth vs US Avg

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